The Liepāja Museum exposition “Liepāja Under Occupation Regimes” was opened in the building on Klāva Ukstiņa Street 7/9 on the 21st January 2001.

The mission of the exposition is to keep Nation`s collective memory and historical memory alive, in order to strengthen national awareness, and justify the ideological and emotional foundation of the statehood by explaining historical issues of the occupational period and loss of the statehood. Exposition disclosed in the building where during the Independence movement, called Third Awakening (Trešā atmoda) the headquarter of the Latvian Popular Front (Tautas Fronte) Liepāja Branch was located.

Exposition discloses two significant collections about the history of the photo camera and radio.

Photographer Jānis Lādītis` collection of life is cameras, photos, and other items to help to explore the history of photography. While the enthusiastic collector of the radio Atis Brikmanis collection reflects radio construction and trade in Liepāja during the first half of the 20th century. The collection of the radios made and distributed in Liepāja is one of the relevant components of the history of Latvia`s radio set.

Visit of the exhibition is free of charge.