Guided tours of the Museum

During the guided tour, students will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of Liepāja Museum and its holdings. During the tour, students will explore how the vast collection of  art works is stored in the museum, and they will see a unique testimony to the history of Liepāja and its inhabitants in the document storage facility. They will also be able to view the folk costumes and household items stored at Liepāja Museum.

The guided tour is available for students of different ages.

Fee for the guided tour:

For a group (up to 10 people)

in Latvian – EUR 15.00

    Russian / English – EUR 20.00

for a group (11-35 people)

in Latvian – EUR 25.00

    Russian / English – EUR 30.00

Please apply for the guided tour in advance by calling:

phone: +371 63422604

mobile: +371 29605223