Rauza Yereliyeva. Exhibition "I am particle of the world"

7 June - 16 June

"I believe that almighty artist is God! All other artists are wonder-workers. I see everithing up close. Nature is beauty and perfection. .. People are a miracle. Everything is different, inimitable, and unique.. "

Rauza Yeraliyeva was born in 1936 in Ukraine. Upon graduating from Alma-Ata College of Art, she begun teaching drafting and drawing. In her early years as artist Rauza was interested in ceramics, graphic desiner. Nevertheless, her passion lies in painting.

She works in different styles and gendres: portraits, still lifes, landscapes, ornamental, symbolic.

Her exhibition in Liepāja Muzseum is colourful, bright and joyful. 

Admission: adults – 1,50 EUR, seniors, pupils, students – 1,00 EUR, children under 7 years old - free of charge.


Pievienots: 2019-06-07 16:29:44