Two personal exhibitions in one project “Parallel” by Latvian artists Vija Zariņa and Kaspars Zariņš

June 6 – July 29

Vija and Kaspars Zariņš – the flow of their life and work has run side by side, each of them simultaneously embodies idea and skill, and the impeccably distributed places of contact enrich each other’s forms of expression. Both artists can work side by side, in one studio, since each of them has found their own way in art, determined by both character and inner artistic structure. That is also why they can organise exhibitions together, since both are so different and self-sufficient.

Latvian landscape is at the centre of Vija Zariņa’s current interests. Latvia and landscape. Being in nature is as simple as breathing, yet not everyone manages to paint it, to find a personal perspective. The artist’s system of coding uses such signs as the reflection of the sky on the face of a forest lake, the tranquil flow of the river saturated with restrained turmoil, the light flickering through the thick foliage on the seashore and promising distance, sand writings carved by waves on the damp beach, the greyish light of a spring day in the clearing of a swamped field. Expanse, light and fleeting horizons.

In the exhibition Kaspars Zariņš continues to develop the form of expression he found two years ago. In Parallel are a new departure in his creative career. Instead of canvas the artist uses 1,8 mm thick plywood, and an angle grinder stands in for brushes. In their place are planed indentations in the form of circles, ovals or amoebas, in which layer by layer peeled levels of plywood are revealed, from which the chipboard is formed and which create abstract compositions. This combination of painting and relief is a departure from depicting reality to reveal the flow of thoughts and energy.

Entrance fee: adults – 2,00 EUR, seniors, pupils, students – 1,00 EUR. Children till 7 years old - free of charge.


Pievienots: 2018-06-06 18:15:52