A solemn moment at the museum

We offer families and work collectives the opportunity to celebrate some special and solemn moments in the luxurious interiors of Liepāja Museum. The specialists of the museum have developed a special programme for both newlyweds and those who celebrate Silver and Gold wedding anniversaries. Pupils are offered the opportunity to celebrate their last school bell, the receipt of their school-reports and school graduation in the museum. 

A possible programme for newlyweds

We offer newly married couples the opportunity to enjoy the ceremonial moments of their wedding day in the premises of Liepāja Museum. The newly married couple and their guests, on arrival in the lobby of the museum, are invited to go through the museum exhibitions, taking part in a variety of activities.

During the activities, the new couple will remember and share the memories of their acquaintance, as well as make wax candles, write a letter to each other, which they will be allowed to read only after spending the first year together in marriage. After the successful performance of the tasks, the newlyweds will be invited to dance a waltz on the hundred year-old parquet floor. But at the end of the event – champagne. It is also possible take photos in the museum, including the lobby of the museum with its beautiful interior and magnificent staircase.

If desired, a wedding registration ceremony can take place in the museum or in its garden.

Please organise snacks and drinks, but we offer glasses and dishes.


In order to apply for ceremonial activities and to make an appointment with the museum educators and for clarification of events, please call: +371 29605223 or +371634 22604 

Price list:

a festive moment at the museum – EUR 3.00 per participant
A solemn moment at the museum, number of participants less than 10 persons – EUR 20.00
Wedding ceremony at the museum – EUR 50.00
Filming and photography in the museum interiors – EUR 20.00